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ACP Aluontop Nano PVDF Panel

ACP Aluontop Nano (PVDF) Panel

Aluontop Nano-PVDF panel inherits all features of traditional PVDF panel, like antipollution, cauterization resistance, fastness and so on, mean while, we apply Nano-PVDF high technology, which has superior functions of self-cleaning, anti pollution, acid-resistance and alkali-resistance.

It is an updated decorative material.

It has better self-cleaning functions compared with traditional PVDF panel.

Usually when aluminium composite panel is used for exterior walls after 6 months, the surface is polluted badly by the dust and rain water.

With some projects they use inferior silicone sealant.

When it is dipped in rainwater for a lengthy period, there will be some black marks between the seams.

It is very difficult to be cleaned.

So it wil badly affect the appearance of the wall.

Now the ALUONTOP NANO-PVDF PANEL solves this problem.

Because of its low coating tension, the dust is difficult to adhere on the surface of the panel.

It can be easily washed away by a little rain to come true to its self-cleaning affect. As a result, it will save you a lot of cleaning charge

You could write on the surface of our panel with ink pen to distinguish ALUONTOP NANO-PVDF panel. If the mark can be rubbed away easily, it is proved ALUONTOP NANO-PVDF panel.


1. Have the same features with PVDF, panel Nano-ACP has better function of self-cleaning and fade resistance.

2. Pollution resistance, dust is easily rushed away by rain.

3. Good aging resistance, anti-acid, anti-alkali, solvent resistance

4. No ink mark remaining when writing with oil pen on panel surface

5. Kynar 500 PVDF resin features strong chemical proofness, unique colors can be easily maintained

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